Welcome to Jadie's Birdnest!

 We are a small Aviary located on the Northwest side of Houston, Tx. Here, at Jadie's Birdnest, all of our birds are raised in our home with our family and other pets. All of our birds are handtame and Guaranteed healthy & sweet. We do allow visitors on an Appointment basis. Text is our best method of contact 832-404-4444. Please feel free to contact us anytime to inquire on availability.

We primarily raise conures, including but not limited to Greencheeks, Nanday, Jenday, Blue Crown, Rosifron, Crimson Belly, Suns, Voren Black Caps, Pearlies, Painted, etc... We are also raising Indian Ringnecks, Plumheads, Mustache Parakeets, Quakers & Fancy Cockatiels. All of our babies are handfed and guaranteed hand tamed.